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App of the week – Evernote

App of the week #2 – Evernote

Evernote is a remember-everything app; it lets you take notes, capture photos and videos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders and it makes these notes completely searchable whether you are at home, at school, or on the go (see this short video on Evernote) When used to its full potential, it has the capacity to improve the productivity of our students. Here are 10 ways we think it could do just that:

1) Evernote makes you organised.  Evernote allows you to save all of your notes in one place, where they can be tagged, organised and easily searched. These notes can contain typed notes, handwritten notes, pictures, webpages, audio files, documents, pdfs, powerpoints and much, much more. The same tagging system can be used to allow students to organise their notes for different subjects, modules and even lessons between their devices.

2) You can email to Evernote. Every Evernote account comes with its own unique email address, which allows you to instantly save into Evernote. One of the frustrating problems associated with some iPad apps can be a lack of export options, but with this handy feature you will always be able to email your work to Evernote (see this video on how to find your Evernote email address)

3) The Evernote web clippers. Evernote has web clippers for all of the major web browsers that allow you to clip a webpage so you can tag it and make its contents searchable. This makes Evernote ideal for collecting ideas and evidence for projects.

For the iPad, the process is a little more complicated. You can’t add an Evernote extension to the iPad’s Safari browser, but there are a couple of clever workarounds. One option is to copy the contents of a webpage, choose the ‘mail link to this page’ option and paste the contents into an email directly to your Evernote account. Alternatively, you can use the bookmarks function in Safari to set up your own Evernote web clipper for iPad. The two options offer fairly equal functionality and speed.

4) Evernote gives you access to your notes on multiple devices. The Evernote iPad app does some very impressive things, but doesn’t quite give you the full functionality of the desktop version. Of course, it doesn’t matter too much since Evernote automatically syncs your notes between all of your devices. This allows you to have your notes with you all of the time, meaning you can create notes and organise yourself on the move.

5) Using Evernote to share notebooks. Shared notebooks opens up yet more possibilities for the role of Evernote in education. This impressive setup of a Science teacher in California shows what can be achieved through sharing notebooks with students, allowing them to access all of their course documents whenever they like.

6) Use Evernote to search your notes. Evernote is all about organisation and efficiency. The ability to search your notes is a serious time-saver. Evernote makes all of your notes searchable, including any clipped webpages, so if you know what you are looking for, Evernote will return all of your saved notes containing that term within seconds.

7) Use Evernote to search images. This particular feature adds a good element of wow factor to Evernote (see the video below). This option means students can take snapshots of their handwritten notes and save them to Evernote, allowing them to search all of their documents for keywords.

8) You can create Evernote notes automatically. Using the genius of If This Then That, you can choose certain triggers that send notes directly to Evernote. For example, you can set up RSS feeds that create a new note every time a new item appears in the feed, or you can set up a trigger that fires every time a new tweet matches a given search query.

9) You can make revision flashcards from your Evernote notes. Those lucky enough to own a smart cover for their iPad can enjoy the luxuries of Evernote Peek, a handy revision tool that converts your notes into study materials. Evernote also integrates into the excellent flashcard creator StudyBlue, which allows you to access your notes for customising as flashcards.

10) Unsure how to use Evernote? Try this iTunes U Course on using Evernote, or watch the embedded YouTube playlist below (note – Evernote has recently released updates so may appear slightly differently to these videos).



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